Agreement Jeunesse Et Sport

Admission is a privileged form of a minister`s relationship with an association. The JPE accreditation opens up the possibility of financial assistance from the Ministry of Youth and its decentralized services. In addition, accreditation is the necessary condition for obtaining assistance from the Ministry of Sport, or even from local authorities, which have adopted it as a criterion of eligibility; But beware, sports admission is not a right to subsidies. > application for accreditation – Sports Club – Format: DOC – 0.17 Mb Previously licensed sports clubs will no longer have to send an annual update to the DDCS. The DDCS in Paris then has two months to inform of the granting of the prefectural decree granting sports permission to your structure. The sports club applying for a sports licence must belong to an accredited sports association. Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion (DZADE Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion) Childhood Mission, Youth and association life Administrative city / 4th floor 175, rue Gustave Delory59 011 Lille cedex It should be noted that associations that do not deal exclusively with youth or popular education may be allowed in this context, as they can demonstrate that they are implementing a series of significant and quality actions in one of these areas. Finally, in order to be approved, the association must be sufficiently financially independent of public or private partners who refer to legal provisions, while the others fall within the general characteristics of the association. Article 11 thus amends Article L.121-4 of the Sports Code relating to the admission of sports clubs and specifies that “the membership of a sports club to an accredited sports federation is worth the approval”.” Only associations, associations or associations of recognized associations of popular education and youth can benefit from financial assistance from the Ministry of Youth (Article 8 of the law of 17 July 2001). However, there is no “right to grant” solely because of obtaining this authorization. These criteria, which apply to all associations applying for admission “youth and popular education” (national or departmental admission), are defined in Article 8 of Law No. 2001-624 of 17 July 2001 relating to various social provisions. Education and Culture” (Official Journal of July 18): As part of the modernization of public policy, the ministry has committed to take several steps to simplify administrative measures.

For these steps of simplification of relations between the state and the club, it is proposed that sports clubs be exempted from applying for the approval of the prefecture if they are affiliated with a state-recognized sports federation.