Agreement Legal Assistance

1. (a) At the request of the requesting State, the requested State shall verify without delay, in accordance with this Article, whether banks established in its territory have information on whether an identified natural or legal person suspected or accused of an offence holds a bank account or accounts. The requested State shall communicate the results of its investigation to the requesting State without delay. 1. Mutual legal assistance shall also be granted to a national administrative authority which investigates the agreement with a view to prosecuting the conduct or transmits the conduct of the agreement to the authorities responsible for criminal investigations or prosecutions, in accordance with its specific administrative or regulatory authority for conducting such investigations. In these circumstances, legal aid may also be granted to other administrative authorities. No assistance is available for matters in which the administrative authority does not expect there to be no prosecution or referral. Aid may be refused by both countries (depending on the terms of the agreement) for political or security reasons, or if the offence in question is not punishable in the same way in both countries. Some contracts may promote legal aid to nationals of other countries. 3.5.

The contracting entity shall reimburse the undertaking for the justified and necessary costs connected with the performance of the contract. Among the expenses to be reimbursed, we can mention the costs of the State. B, translation costs, expert fees, necessary travel expenses (air tickets, ferry tickets, hotel nights, etc.), necessary courier and communication costs, abnormally high copying costs, commitment, etc. At the client`s request, the firm adds to the invoice for legal services the corresponding proof of costs (invoices, receipts, boarding passes, etc.). 4. If the joint investigation team requires investigative measures in one of the States that make up the team, a member of the team of that State may request its own competent authorities to take such measures without the other States being required to make a request for mutual legal assistance. The legal standard necessary to obtain the measure in that State is the standard applicable to its national investigative activities. (a) in the event of a conflict of interest; or (b) the client has made a request the execution of which requires the lawyer to violate the law or professional ethics requirements; or (c) the client has breached a material provision of the legal services contract; or (d) the client fails to provide the necessary information or documents to the Registry or lawyers for the enforcement of due diligence obligations; or (e) at any time during the provision of legal services, a circumstance indicating that the person, act or business relationship is related to money laundering or terrorist financing, or that the customer, its representative or beneficial owner is sanctioned, or where required by the supervisory authority in the context of the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. .

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