Ajn Author Agreement

Note: This fee is charged for an item in the 20-page default length in MS-Word (1 inch edge per page and two-line empty space). For articles exceeding this limit, the additional page fee applies to 200 INR per page (Indian authors) or $5 per page (foreign authors). For me, I am pleased that more nurses are writing – and that they are not just academics and researchers, but clinicians who have first-hand knowledge of the processes and outcomes of care. But what many new authors lack is the support of mentors who are knowledgeable in writing and publishing. Being a successful author (publishing his work in serious journals) is in the realm of possibilities for all nurses. Writing is a skill and, like other abilities, it requires exercise, perseverance and patience. Each manuscript must be preceded by a page of title, name, membership and email address, if any. Place an asterisk in front of the author with whom the publisher must correspond (preferably one with an email address). Please also provide this person`s mailing address, the phone number where messages can be left, and the fax number. The author (s) is responsible for the authorisation to use copyrighted material. If the article mentions certain individuals (beyond the references mentioned above) or the aforementioned institutions, the authorization of the person or, in the case of an institution, the administrator, must be requested in writing before publication.

If specific provisions are mentioned by the individual or administrator, they must be followed. The alphabetical list of authors who have published articles and columns in OJIN is available in selected authors. All manuscripts are reviewed by at least three critics. After the revision and revision of the manuscript, the publication decisions are made by the editor and the author (s) is informed. The author (s) is invited to check the manuscripts copied online. The accepted manuscripts become the property of the OJIN: Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. All authors are invited to sign the “OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing” Copyright transfer upon presentation of a manuscript. Please download the “copyright form” and print it either by email (with electronic signature) or by email to: Sally, thank you for your question.

The AJN asks all authors to submit bio, funding and copyright forms, and patient case forms are required when a patient case is given – but as you can see, financial disclosure and patient case forms probably don`t apply to Art of Nursing! Nevertheless, bureaucracy is what it is, we still ask you to fill them out – just to point out that you have no financial conflicts and that no real patient is presented. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Alison.Bulman@wolterskluwer.com and she will gladly guide you through it. We look forward to your work! The JABB follows the definition of authorship of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). The ICMJE recommends that paternity be based on the following 4 criteria: Overview: By transforming relevant research and clinical data into clearly written prose, the American Nurse Journal provides evidence-based information that readers can use daily in their practice. It also serves as a forum to discuss professional development and career management issues. The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors has four paternity criteria that an author must meet: all recognitions must be included at the end of the document before references and may contain support grants, presentations, etc. Contributors who are not qualified as authors should be mentioned in the form of confirmations. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically.

Use Word for Windows, Rich-Text format or Word Perfect format (no Mac formats). The manuscripts must be presented in the form of two attachments, one with the author`s cover and biography, the other with the title, summary, keywords and manuscript without