Exchange Agreement Aviation

Replacement is usually used for maintenance visits, ground damage or FOD, or if you remove the damaged area only once (i.e. long installation steps, special tools, fuel input, etc.). It is often impossible to get an exchange to cover an AOG, unless the component is located nearby or you have a few days for the next departure. All cores must be returned to the Precision Aviation Group in 495 Lake Mirror Road Bldg-800G, Atlanta, GA 30349 USA. All transport costs for the return of the core are the responsibility of the customer. Customer exchange hubs must be returned to the Precision Aviation Group within 30 days. Facilities that are not returned within 30 days may, at Precision Aviation Group`s discretion, be subject to an additional fee of 2% of the sale price per day. If no nucleus is returned after 45 days, it is assumed that no nucleus is sent and that the basic fee must be paid. If the customer decides to return a core after 30 days, the basic receipt is subject to approval by the Precision Aviation Group. Initial exchange units returned after seven days of credit may, at the discretion of Precision Aviation Group, be subject to a reintroduction fee of 35% of the transfer price or $175.00 (the highest value being the highest).

In addition to the reintroduction fee, the re-certification fee for the returned unit can also be determined if the initial certification is not returned. With more than 370,000 jobs, including tens of millions of dollars in Rotables, and a huge inventory of aircraft, instruments, propellers, parts, components and consumables of all kinds, we can generally process your aeronautical parts or your basic trading needs from our current stock. For more information, see Only U.S.-registered aircraft that can operate under FAR Part 91 Subpart F are eligible for an exchange contract. To be eligible, the aircraft must be part of one of the following groups: Have you had any problems replacing aircraft parts in the past? The comment below. Reaching an agreement without fully understanding the language in an aircraft parts sale or a replacement offer can cause confusion, delays and customer frustration. Do not enter into an agreement on the purchase or replacement of aircraft parts until you fully understand the terms of the contract. A foreign exchange price indicated by the Precision Aviation Group is charged to the customer for each exchange transaction. The customer is also informed and charged a basic fee.

This basic fee represents the amount the customer will owe beyond the exchange price if a core is not returned or the returned kernel is not acceptable. The basic fee is credited to the customer`s account at the time of receipt and acceptance of the kernel. The exchange price is based on a package without additional billing, unless this is required by the core state and agreed by the customer. This directive is based on the return of a repairable core of the same model and part number as that provided by precision Aviation Group. Returned kernels found as Beyond Economical Repair (BER) are charged at a total price. An exchange contract is defined as 14 CFR 91.501 (c) (2) of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) as an “agreement that a person leases his aircraft to another person during the same period on the other person`s aircraft and does not collect royalties, taxes or royalties, except that a fee may be levied so as not to exceed the difference between the costs of holding, operating and maintaining the two aircraft.” For this exchange model, you will receive a component, in SV or OH conditions.