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An Assistant Humanitarian Coordinator may act on behalf of the Humanitarian Coordinator for the MSG, provided that he or she has the appropriate access role. If there is any doubt or problem, the HFU may contact its respective fcs desk officer to request assistance in this matter. Once the required access has been granted, the Assistant HC may follow the instructions described above. Grant agreements with UN organizations, NGOs and Red Cross and Red Crescent movements are prepared by the national offices of the OCHA (humanitarian funding unit). The grant agreements are signed by the HC and the meter signed by the authorized representative of the partner, as indicated in the GMS stagecoach module. The grant agreements are then sent to OCHA HQ/FCS for final approval and signature by the OPA (or a duly delegated official). Grant agreements must be submitted by the fund manager to OCHA HQ/FCS through the GMS. GMS Focus: How do I get final approval and sign the GA on behalf of HC? Print out the GA and get the physical signature of the EO. Then scan and save the signed agreement on your computer.

Print, sign and stamp (both the last page of the GA and Appendix B), the initial analysis and the recording of the agreement signed on your computer. UPLOADING THE GENERATED GA ON THE PROJECT GMS PAGE To authorize the project signatory, select it from the drop-down list, activate the “I allow the selected signatory to be associated with the project” and click [Save]. This person is authorized to sign the grant agreement. Please note that the selected signatory must have an Em-Ail address verified in the GMS due diligence form. To learn more about email verification, please read our article. If the contact`s email address on GMS is not verified, you can also send a confirmation link to the contact via the authorization page. The report itself will be the starting point for discussion at an event organized by SAPEA, the French Academy of Medicine and FEAM, in collaboration with the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine, on June 27, 2019 in Paris. The partners are committed to meeting all the requirements set out in the GA. Some requirements are directly related to the partner`s level of risk and the operational procedures of the CBPF. Grant agreements can be amended as part of a grant agreement to reflect necessary project changes in the event of a project review. Use menu filters to generate a list of projects, select the corresponding project from the list by checking the box, then click [Grant Agreement Amendment NMENT] for NGO projects or [Grant Agreement Amendment UN] if it`s a UN project. After signing, you must download the signed GA from the project document tab.

Preliminary Steps to Establishing the Top Grant Agreement (HFU/IP) After receiving notice that a project proposal has entered the “HC Final Authorization and GA Signature” phase, the HC or The Deputy Regional HC must register with GMS.