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4.7 Nutrition

Nutrition is an important part of a child’s development. Children who are well nourished are more likely to be alert, vigorous and happy. Good nutrition aids a child’s development and helps in the prevention of illness.

The Director and Educators recommend that families provide children at kindy with balanced nutritional meals and snacks to meet at least 50% of their daily recommended dietary intake of nutrients in the form of safe and appetising foods.

Further information on suitable foods to bring to child care is available in the full version of our Parent Handbook. Please speak to our Director.

Some children at the centre have food allergies that cause an anaphylactic reaction. Due to the health condition of these children we encourage families not to bring nuts or peanut butter to the centre.

Food Handling

Educators are in-serviced annually on safe food handling and storage practices.

Dominic Cooking

4.5 Sleep

Due to health regulations all children are required to provide their own sheets to place on their bed or in their cot at rest time. Most regular cot sheets fit our beds. Each week these sheets will be sent home for laundering. In the cooler months a small soft blanket may be needed. It is suggested by Red Nose that infants do not sleep with a pillow or an amber bead necklace. Therefore we advise you to leave these at home.

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4.4 Clothing

Dress your child in play clothes that are easily laundered and that they can manage by themselves. We suggest that your child wears comfortable clothes that provide adequate protection from the sun. You can help keep your child safe in the playground by providing enclosed shoes or sandals. Thongs are dangerous in this environment when children are climbing, running or jumping. It is essential that your child brings a hat to wear for outdoor play. A broad brim or legionnaires hat is recommended (hat to be labelled with your child’s name).

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4.3 Guidance

A positive approach to guidance is achieved at Little Explorers by recognising why a child behaves in a certain way and offering alternatives and more acceptable modes of behaviour. At all times these methods encourage the individuality and confidence of children.

4.1 Supervision

Reading to childAt all times Little Explorers adheres to Child Care Regulations with regards to the supervision of children. Educators ensure a safe and caring environment is provided for your child while at the centre. Educator to child ratios are in accordance with the National Quality Framework.