Health Sector Partnerships Agreement Act

The proposed legislation to repeal the Health Sector Act would repeal two existing statutes: the Health Insurance and Social Services Act, commonly known as Bill 29, 2002, and the Health Sector Partnerships Agreement Act, commonly known as Bill 94, 2003, as a whole. It opened the door to private health facilities in order to provide services and abolish trade union inheritance rights, which required health facilities to respect the old collective agreement negotiated with the previous contractor. Affected employees include, in addition to caregivers, food and dietetics, maintenance, laundry, security, information technology and accounting workers who work in health facilities across the province. “This is a day that health care workers have been waiting for for 16 years,” said Jennifer Whiteside, secretary and executive director of the Hospital Employees Union. People across the province, including patients, families, and especially the elderly and people with disabilities, will benefit, as the laws introduced aim to improve the working conditions of workers in the health and social services sectors. Given that the repealed legislation affects many sectors of the health sector, the Government will cooperate to consult with trade unions, stakeholders and for-profit, non-profit and faith-based employers in order to implement this repeal so as to further strengthen the public health system. Bill 29 was introduced on 25 January 2002 and passed three days later on 28 January. The combined bills have resulted in layoffs of more than 10,000 health care workers, Dix said. Bill 94 was passed with the aim of facilitating public-private partnerships in the health sector. .

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