Iata Main Agreement 2013

SGHA 2018 does not deal entirely with data protection, although the definition of eTickets tickets has been expanded. The initial clause 5.10 of SGHA 2013, which states that “contracting parties agree to comply with all applicable data protection laws when providing services,” has been removed. Many of these changes are only editorial, SGHA Amendment 2013. However, some changes are significant and focus on operational practices, improved standards, training, insolvency, claims and compliance in general. We briefly reviewed the major changes to the main agreement and Schedule B and looked at what they might mean to users. Within SGHA 2013, there was some confusion about the deadline for obtaining damages from a carrier. The confusion was caused by the following sentence: “Any claim must be filed within the time frame set out in section 31.2 of the 1999 Montreal Convention.” Section 31.2 sets the deadlines for filing claims of persons authorized for delivery for damaged and late shipments, 14 and 21 days respectively. A carrier`s claims against a ground carrier are not addressed. Standard IATA Delay Codes (AHM730) 15 …

This publication contains the 2013 version of the IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA), as published in IATA in 2013, IATA Ground Handling Council approved the use of yellow pages to publish the text of amendment to Schedule B in the years between the new versions of SGHA. SGHA 2018 Appendix B has now fully added the yellow pages to paragraph 8. In the future, this will provide some flexibility in the basic model. Some felt that the wording of the 2013 edition simply meant that a claim for damages from the carrier would be invalidated, unless the recipient had asserted a right within 14/21 days. Others argued that the carrier itself should seek compensation within those time frames. IATA has explicitly identified its resolutions and standard practices as benchmarks for the provision of services to businesses and has written them down in the new paragraphs 5.3 (a) and (b). In addition, in accordance with item 11.11, all amended taxes must be accessed within the first 30 days before the changes come into effect within 60 days of notification. Article 11.13 allows for accommodations in the event of binding minimum wage laws. It recognizes the reality that minimum wage laws will continue to have a significant impact on the basis of a handler`s employment costs.

At Standard Ground Handling … as part of the main agreement and Schedule A of the SGHA of January 2004, as published by the International Air Transport Association … IATA Standard Ground Handling, STANDARD GROUND HANDLING AGREEMENT, IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement, Standard, Possible Amendment of Article 8, IATA, ground handling assistance, STANDARD GROUND HANDLING, International Air Transport Association, IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement – Service Level Agreements, The Standard Ground Handling Agreement SGHA, Ground Operations Safety Manual SGHA 2018 has highlighted broader audit rights under Clause 5.9 to enable other airlines within an IATA audit pool to verify the benefits of this pool. Currently, there are 37 airlines within the ISAGO Audit Pool, which can benefit from joint audit reports for the same handler at a given airport. A carrier`s insolvency can also have greater consequences. The British CAA suspended Monarch Airlines` AOC when it went bankrupt in October 2017 and forced it to cease operations with immediate effect. They no longer needed stopover assistance services. And what is the situation in the event of a total loss of cargo? Section 31.2 of the MC99 does not provide an initial time limit for lost citation claims, although a right to compensation expires if the proceedings are not initiated within two years (Article 35). It goes without saying that airlines have their own ground operating manuals, other guidelines on service providers