Programming Content Agreements

Broadcasters could also collect transportation charges for stations they operate on behalf of their owners under sharing agreements and often consolidate their transportation contracts with those of the stations they own. This could, particularly in the case of LMAs between two channels connected to “large” networks, charge the channel a higher fee for the transfer authorization granted to television operators for the transport of the channels, which could result in small cable companies not being able to afford the higher costs. Cable television operators have argued in favour of banning the distribution of agreements between television channels for this particular reason. In the United States, the FCC no longer allows channels to meet when negotiating the approval rights for the broadcast. [3] [10] [11] When Quincy Newspapers acquired the remaining issuers of Granite Broadcasting, The acquisition was restructured short-lived, to have the Malara Broadcast Group, which acted as a virtual duopoly partner for granite with WISE-TV Fort Wayne (NBC) Fort Wayne and KDLH-TV Duluth (CBS), which maintain the channels and their current agreements with WPTA and KBJR-TV instead of selling them to Sagamore Hillcasting. The acquisition was restructured in July 2015 to acquire the two channels from SagamoreHill Broadcasting, but to have liquidated their current SSAs within nine months. After the end of the SSA, both stations maintained The CW as independent stations, with the remaining links transferred to KBJR and WPTA sub-channels. [114] [115] [116] Quincy completed an SSA in Peoria, Illinois, with Sinclair`s whoi, by exchanging his membership in South Bend Fox (formerly owned by WSJV-TV) with Sinclair (where he spent on a lower WSBT-TV channel) in exchange for ABC and WHOI affiliations that switched to WEEK-TV sub-channels. [117] [118] In 2018, Quincy acquired WISE and KDLH, claiming that these two stations were not in the top 4 of their respective markets. [119] [120] In December 2013, Barbara Kreisman, Director of the FCC`s Video Division, sent a letter inviting Sinclair Broadcast Group to respond to the financial aspects of its “Sidecar” operations and warned that in the three markets cited, “the proposed transactions would result in the lifting of the grandfather status of certain local marketing agreements and, as a result, transactions would violate our local televising ownership rules.” [75] It was alleged that the agreement could only be legal if the stations concerned were operated under shared service agreements. [75] [77] Sinclair restructured the agreement in March 2014 The decision, WHP-TV, WMMP and WABM and end a SSA with WTAT in Charleston, Fox`s subsidiary, to acquire Allbritton`s channels in these markets (WCIV, WHTM-TV and WBMA-LD, while creating a new duopoly between ABC and CW subsidiaries in Birmingham), and renouncing operational or financial agreements with other channels. [78] [79] A computer program is generally used in a programming language (z.B.