Registration Of Collaboration Agreement In Haryana

In the case of Raheja, the construction contract, which concludes the contract with the buyers considered before the completion of the building, falls within the definition of the work contract. Under the Value Added Act 2003 (HVAT Act), the term “corporate contract” in Section 2 (1) (zt) has been defined as – buyers must pay stamp duty on the basis of the transaction value specified in the sales contract. However, land costs must be calculated accordingly on the basis of current circular rates and stamp duty. If the house is registered at a value higher than the district rate, the buyer must pay stamp duty on the highest amount. If the property is registered at a value below the circular rate, stamp duty is calculated at circular rates. Under the 1908 Registration Act, sales documents must be submitted for registration to the sub-registry body whose property is sanitized or part of the property. I did it. All documents, with the exception of the will, are submitted for registration within four months of the date of execution (Section 23 of the Registration Act, 1908). Section 25 of the Act provides that the borough clerk provides for a late payment of up to four months in the event of a fine payment of up to ten times the deposit tax. Wills may be presented at any time to any clerk or sub-registrar by the deceased or, after his death, by a person who asserts himself as an executor or by any other means. The Bombay High Court in the case maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry vs. State of Maharashtra (Writ Petition No. 2568 of 10.4.2012) (2012) 51 VST 1 (Bom) also examined this issue.

Given that there are many discrepancies in the contracts for work, it was not possible to accept the applicant`s assertion that an enterprise contract under which the title was transferred to the home buyer is no longer a contract for work. The Tribunal also stated, in the Supreme Court decision in Builders` Association vs. U.O.I. (1989) 73 STC 370 (SC), that the doctrine of accretion itself is subject to a contrary contract. In analyzing various clauses of the agreement under the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act of 1963 (MOFA), the High Court found that this was the nature of the work contract.