Shore Based Maintenance Agreement

With the signing of a maintenance agreement with NAVTEAM, a service GMDSS gives you privileged access to the NAVTEAM service coordination centre and our vast stock of spare parts for your on-board GMDSS equipment. Contact us and our staff will gladly give you more information and all the support you need. NAVTEAM A/S is authorized to issue GMDSS Shore Based Maintenance Agreement for your or your ships. In addition, we guarantee the advice of our experienced, certified and trained product technicians and specialists. A GMDSS Shore Based Maintenance agreement is a document that can be compared to a certificate, as it is required in the ship`s records along with other certificates. Many countries require that companies that provide shore-based maintenance services be able to demonstrate that they can provide the services they have advertised and that they are under contract. The service provider must have a recognized quality assurance registration; Provide 360-day assistance Have access to OEMs for replacement equipment Etc.