Sumatra Pdf License Agreement

If you change the SumatraPDF code or use its code, you must comply with the AGPLv3 license, which means that you also provide the code for the derivative/combined software. This agreement represents the entire agreement between Sumatra and you regarding the purpose of this Agreement and can only be amended by a written amendment signed by an authorized executive in Sumatra or by the sending of a revised version by Sumatra. To the extent that the law is not applicable, if any, this Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California, United States, with the exception of conflict rules of law, and the appropriate location for all litigation arising from or related to any of these disputes are the state and federal courts of San Francisco County, California. With the exception of claims of omission or recourse to omission or claims under the A.C. (which may be filed with a competent court without the sending of a loan), disputes arising from this agreement are definitively settled in accordance with the detailed arbitration rules of the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Service, Inc. (“JAMS”) by three arbitrators named under these rules. Arbitration takes place in English in San Francisco, California, and the arbitration decision can be enforced in any court. The dominant party in any action or procedure to enforce this agreement is entitled to legal fees and fees. If part of this agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, that part is interpreted as reflecting the original intent of the parties, and the other parties remain fully in force and effective. The waiving of a party to a condition or condition of this agreement or a violation of that agreement in one case will not waive that clause or condition or a subsequent violation of this Agreement. You may cede your rights under this contract to any party who agrees to its terms and conditions and agrees to be bound to it; Sumatra may, without conditions, cede the rights conferred on it by this agreement. This agreement binds the parties, their successors and the approved beneficiaries of the transfer and will do so for the benefit of the contracting parties.

It`s a good label to assign AGPLv3/source3 and authors (see file) Yes, the basis of the GPL license is: If you use another person`s GPL code (e.B. Sumatra Code), you must also make your application available under GPL license. We have not checked all the hardware, including computer software, which has been made available through websites and websites, for which links and this link to, and cannot verify it. Sumatra has no control over these websites and is not responsible for their content or use.