Uk Japan Free Trade Agreement Text

[6] Morita-Jaeger, M. (2018). New economic partnership between the UK and Japan – Is an introduction to the EPA between the EU and Japan useful?. Unlike the United Kingdom, Japan has not had the same domestic political pressure to reach an agreement. Japan already has 17 free trade agreements covering important trading partners, including the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and countries in the Asia-Pacific region (comprehensive and progressive agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). In addition, Japan entered into the trade and trade agreement with the United States (which came into force in January 2020). Domestically, expectations are high for the conclusion of the Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership (RCEP), of which China is a part. [4] With regard to the FREE trade agreement between the United Kingdom and Japan, Japan wanted to signal that it was a close strategic economic partner for the United Kingdom and to establish a solid basis for the development of its strategic trade relations and beyond, in order to pursue its foreign policy. [5] The legal text page also contains a justification (pdf).

On 23 October 2020, the British government published the text of the agreement. [14] As explained in Morita-Jaeger (2020), the UK has been a hub for Japanese companies since the 1980s and a gateway to the EU market for Japanese companies. Recalling that the main concerns of Japanese investors are regulatory changes and an end to the free movement of people between the EU and the UK[12], the end of the smooth running of trade between the EU and the UK, even in the case of a free trade agreement between the EU and the UK, will inevitably have an impact on Japanese investment in the UK. Given the economic shock of Covid-19 on the UK economy (-10.1% real GDP growth expected in 2020 (OECD)[13], FDI will be an important source of medium- and long-term economic recovery in the United Kingdom. In this context, it can be read that Japan is the largest foreign investor abroad (14%) the world as a whole in 2018. [14] And the United Kingdom is NT`s second-largest destination for Japan, with a stock of $171.9 billion in 2019 after the United States ($533.3 billion). [15] – The price tables in the original files are images. They have been transformed by Twitter users “slroot” @schnoogsl (see Tweet) on this page into text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) (see Tweet) on this page The FREE Trade Agreement between the UK and Japan was signed on October 23, 2020 in Tokyo.