Unisa Signed An Agreement With 12 Colleges

Students enroll at a higher level through the research program (HDR), including doctoral, master`s degree in research and professional doctoral programs that include more than 66% research. The researchers` higher degrees remain registered during their application and examination. Registration ends at the end of the search, withdrawal or suspension. The courses are owned by academic units within the university. A course may be held by more than one academic unit, but it must always be a principal owner. Ownership of the courses involves the responsibility of the academic direction of the course. A process to ensure that brand consistency takes place within the courses and throughout the curriculum, so that the same level of performance is rewarded in the same way. Moderation should show that markers make the same judgment at different times in relation to the same level of performance. Each course taught at UniSA is accompanied by three appointments, as described below. Important data on a holiday or weekend remains in effect and will not be changed on another date.

Online transactions concluded these days (withdrawals and/or payments) take effect from the actual date they were made. All important data is published by UniSA on its website. The most important data are the date of the zenu, the date of payment and the date of the default. Your previous studies may contribute to credits, exemptions or advanced positions in the program you wish to study. UniSA has credit transfer contracts with institutions in many countries. Learn more about this in our credit assessor (opens in a new browser window). The procedure by which persons admitted to a university program formally enroll in the organization of one or more courses as part of their program as beginner or continuing education students. A formal bilateral agreement between UniSA and a foreign educational institution.

A tutorial is a learning opportunity where students discuss with their tutors the main themes, concepts and ideas of the course. The tutorials are closely related to evaluation and often involve small group discussions and group work. All students are expected to prepare for tutorials by reading the necessary materials and preparing questions and/or answers to questions. Students are also expected to actively participate in class and small group activities. Tutorials complete courses for a course and usually run 1-2 hours. Defines the order of courses to be studied at each annual level of a program. Programs should be designed to ensure that student courses expose them to increasingly complex aspects of key program themes and that intellectual requirements are sequentical in terms of development.